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The MusiXBox project is my attempt to create an easy-to-use yet powerful music player. It consists of a library, musixbox, capable of playing music in a variety of input formats and output providers and several frontends: musixplay which is just a command line player, musixbox which is a minimal SDL client and musixcurses which is a ncurses-based client. The currently supported input providers are:

Information on an input file (i.e. title, artist and album) can be obtained as well. Output can be handled provided using:

Software volume control can be used if desired.


musixbox, minimalistic UI designed for small touchscreens


musixcurses, ncurses-based general UI


musixplay, command-line player



Originally, the musixbox player frontend was intended to handle interactions using a touchscreen 320x160 LCD display connected using an AVR as a serial port. The schematics and core are available at my GitHub. Note that a SDL input provider is available which mimics the hardware.

The hardware looks like this (I didn't design the enclosure, it was made by a neighbour at the time):

musixbox hardware


The full MusiXBoX source code is available at GitHub. Code reviews, patches and comments are always appreciated.

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