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Back in the day when I signed up as an Dispuut Interlink member, there was this quite old Jukebox-like system mserv. mserv relied on having to scan all music upon load, which made it terribly painful to start, especially as we experienced quite a bit of crashes. Futhermore, its concept of authentication was quite primitive, which resulted in having to grant people special rights in order to manage the beast.

As I really felt as if we should have a system better taylored to Interlink's members, I took over the project and coded a Jukebox system from scratch, IL/Jukebox. It is released using the GPL.

As it appears Interlink is switching to a new system, Herrie, I've decided to abandon the project. The entire CVS repository is imported, and can be browsed. Finally, a release and a FreeBSD port are available:


Among IL/Jukebox's features are:

And probably much more... the 1.0 release has been used at Interlink for years without any problems.


During development of Frommel, I found that a lot of low-level network functionality used there was also needed in IL/Jukebox. I decided to create a seperate library, libplusplus, which contains this functionality. You will need lib++ in order to build IL/Jukebox.


GPL version 2 or higher.


Jukebox session


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