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Once upon a time, there was MS-DOS. While being very useful for its time, it did not have decent network storage abilities, such a something remotely simular to Sun's Network File System. However, Novell NetWare 3.12 solved all these problems.

However, there was a problem for me. I was still living at my parents house (we are talking 1998 or so here), and I had a single server, which was a FreeBSD box. I was frequently using DOS, and could never really transfer files. That is why I coded Frommel (this was intended to be an acronym of Fast, Reliable, Opensource ... but I never could settle on anything), which was a Novell 3.12-compitable server daemon for FreeBSD. mars_nwe had a FreeBSD port at that time, but it had so many issues that I never really cared about actually using it.


Frommel was quite feature-rich, especially considering I coded this to replace mars_nwe. It supported:

It also had a quite modular structure, as it consisted of several subsystems:


BSD license.


Novell's SYSCON utility identifying a Fromel server

SYSCON identifying Frommel

Frommel's web-based administration tool

Web-based administration


Full source code (136KB)

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