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I used to be quite the Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction player. The simplicity of the game did nothing to prevent me from becoming completely and utterly addicted to it... at least, until I lost my saved games due to faulty backups (sigh, I had about 95% of all items in 1.09). I never quite got the hang of it afterwards, and 1.10 and its successors only made things worse for me.

Item websites

Either way, during this time, I had this idea of creating this website where players could upload their charachters, and the website would figure out which items you had and how good they are. The website was quite nice and my friends and I used it quite a lot to figure out which items we wanted to share. However, I was not quite satisfied with it (it was coded in a few days, and all data was just copied from the official Diablo2 pages.

Much later, I decided to re-write the complete website so that I could sensibly search for item attributes etc. I decided to use PostgreSQL this time, as I've grown to like over the years. This website is also included at the downloads section, and I'd highly recommend it; it's much more advanced and much cleaner than the old version was.

Savegame reader

The savegame reader was a different story; it was based on Trevin Beattie's Diablo II 1.09 file format along with some improvements by myself. The reader works for most save games; the API is terrible as I never finished the project.

I decided that the old savegame reader was such a mess, and decided to rewrite it, add support for 1.10+ to it and create an actually useful API. This effort has quite likely succeeded, but as my Diablo2 days were over, I never really did anything anymore with the projects... which is why I am releasing everything here, using the GPL version 2.0 or higher.

Mixed thoughts

When I started to dabble in the realms of the savegame, I found that I could eventually write to them, and even artificially create charachters. Once I demonstrated this using screenshots, I was quite taunted, even though I just wanted to warn the community...

I've mailed the author of ATMA, a popular muling application for Diablo (I'm still on the Credits page there, even though my name is spelled wrong ;-). At any rate, I never got a reply. This makes me believe no-one cares anymore about such an old game, and thus, I've added the files I used to the repository.

Please do not use this to cheat, kill other players and such! It's only provided for educational purposes, nothing more. The files in the repository will only update a savegame to include the items; they will not boost a player. They probably won't work out of the box on your savegame, and the lack of documentation on this is actually on purpose. So, feel free to mess along, but keep it nice, OK?


GPL Version 2 or higher.

Item website screenshots

Welcome page

Welcome page

Overview page

Overview page

A specific item page

Specific (and very special) item page

Search page

Search (for a very specific item) page

Savegame reader screenshot

Savegame reader XML output


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