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C64EMU is Commodore 64 emulator I wrote in 1999. It is coded 100% 80386+ assembly, which seemed quited necessary then as computers surely weren't as fast as they are now.

The 6510 CPU emulator seems quite functional, as the emulator is able to make it to the BASIC interpreter. There's also an integrated debugger which can single-step and a disassembler which was used to figure out how the ROMs worked. However, all other systems aren't in such a good shape and should be considered stubs; especially the keyboard doesn't work at all as I didn't understood how the keyboard hardware was supposed to work. As other projects crept up, I never had a change to finish it.


Public domain.


The famous C64 BASIC screen

Welcome C64

Integrated debugger

Integrated debugger


Source and executable (66KB)

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