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BSD-CE is a small utility which can convert BSD kernel ELF files to Windows CE NK.BIN files. These files can then be loaded by the Windows CE bootloader and you'll have BSD on your previously CE-only device!


I used this tool to inject a kernel in my Compaq Evo T30 thinclient; once booting the machine and holding P, it will attempt to do an netboot using DHCP/TFTP on ports 10067, 10068 and 10069. Grabbing the original firmware and just overwriting the chunk that began with 'NK' (which is the magic Windows CE kernel signature) allowed me to place my own firmware in there - and it turns out FreeBSD works mostly fine on such a device.

Mostly - because there seem to be some (hardware) issues that FreeBSD cannot cope with:

On the bright side, the audio interface works fine, as does ethernet (on Linux, only 2.4 kernels would work correctly with it). I have some code somewhere for a frame buffer driver, which I can dig up if there is sufficient interest.


BSD license.


15 March 2008 version (6KB)

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