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This is an emulator core for the 8051 microprocessor. During college, we had to write tiny programs for this IC, which we could debug using the Keil development tools. However, our toolchain was quite old (written for Windows 3.1, even) and so, I quickly got fed up with it.

In the holidays, I coded this emulator, which has good CPU emulation and nice debugging facilities. For example, you can run the PaulMon2 monitor using this emulator. Give it a try, it's nice!

Once I finished up the 8051 courses, I never really did anything else with the emulator. However, it is functional and feel free to play with it or improve it! It is released under the GNU Public License.


The 8051 emulator is released using the GPL version 2 or later license.



Full source code (36KB)

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