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2008-03-18 ago Various item fixes (typo's, different tag names etc). Also ensures that item properties
2008-03-13 ago Fix name of 'Windhammer' item.
2008-03-13 ago Comment items that were mentioned as 1.10+ on Battle.net, but actually do not
2008-03-05 ago Remove comments which were needed to fix up the jewels.
2008-03-05 ago Imported the 1.10+ items and their images. Website is updated as well!
2008-03-05 ago Finish up importing the 1.10+ items!
2008-03-03 ago OK, now it's valid XML too!
2008-03-03 ago Phew, finished adding all the items... pfft.
2008-03-02 ago Start on adding 1.10+ items from battle.net/diablo2exp
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