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2012-04-01 ago loader: Fix TFTP when the server does not use port 69 as source port
2012-03-31 ago loader/x86: Implement PXE PXENV+ API support
2012-03-31 ago loader: Implement TFTP support ourselves by crafting the necessary UDP packets
2011-06-13 ago loader/x86: Retire the 'rm_buffer' and position it after the loader
2011-05-31 ago loader: Make warnings-clean
2011-01-12 ago loader/x86: Finish migration PXE to new realmode calling structure.
2010-12-24 ago Loader/x86: Fix PXE support
2010-09-18 ago Loader: Migrate the loader to the new include structure.
2010-05-30 ago Loader: Add PXE support
2010-05-30 ago Loader: get started on PXE support in the loader.
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